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The Man Who Left His Post

Posted on Feb 5 by

I was reading some Civil War history the other day and came across a bit of history not many folks have ever heard. I know for a fact that this man, who by doing his job, could...


Family Heirlooms Keep Memories Alive

Posted on Jan 30 by

Most families have at least one heirloom that has been in their family for years. It might be a piece of furniture, jewelry, or an old picture. Whatever the heirloom, it sparks...


What was under your Christmas tree?

Posted on Jan 13 by

Before I get started with this here story, I hope each and every one had a great Christmas and are looking forward to another year! When you get my age, Christmas is about giving...


Christmas During World War II

Posted on Dec 19 by

The early forties were a sad time for a lot of American families and their allies across the world. They watched as their love ones were being sent off to fight yet another world...


The Light Over the Stable

Posted on Dec 11 by

In the 1930s, a new livestock barn was built on a farm my granddad would later buy. The barn was used to shelter animals and to store hay and farm equipment. It wasn’t long after...


My Short Career with the D.O.T.

Posted on Nov 18 by

I started working with the Dept. of Transportation in the late 60s and worked there until 1975. I worked as a temporary employee for six months before becoming a permanent...