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A Day in the Life of a Tobacco Farmer

Posted on Aug 7 by

Man, my back hurts; I’ve been picking cucumbers and squash every morning for three weeks. It kinda hurts down low like it did when I was a young teenager working in tobacco every...


Sandhills Rod & Gun Club

Posted on Aug 7 by

The Sandhills Rod and Gun Club was organized on Nov. 14th, 1955, with twenty-five charter members. It is probably the second oldest hunting and fishing club in Richmond Co....


Let’s Go To The Store

Posted on Jul 10 by

When I was coming up in the fifties and early sixties, won’t no such thing in rural parts of our county as convenience stores. No-sir-re, they were all mostly Mom and Pop grocery...


Loving the Farmer’s Market

Posted on Jun 26 by

In the late 1990’s, Rockingham Down Town Corporation decided a local farmers market was needed in Rockingham. This market would be a central location for local farmers to sell...


A Real Big Fishing Tale

Posted on Jun 13 by

As surely as the Dogwood trees bloom annually in the spring; so also do the fresh water fish start to bed and migrate up the streams. Crappie and Bream are bedding close to shore...


Adventures at the Joe Place

Posted on May 30 by

When I came along in the late 40’s, my Grandparents still owned what they called the Joe Place, although they had moved to a 50 acre farm close to Rockingham N.C. For years,...