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Time to Plant Them ‘Maters

Posted on May 15 by

Who doesn’t like homegrown tomatoes? Why they’re good for breakfast, dinner, and supper, or even a snack. Eat them right out of the patch, between two pieces of bread with...


A Fishing Trip to my Favorite Lake

Posted on Apr 25 by

Most years, the first week in April is the best time to fish for crappie in our local lakes and rivers. As the water warms, the crappie move closer to the shallow water to spawn....


Planting Taters the Ol’ Fashion Way

Posted on Apr 3 by

If you were brought up in my generation and your parents had a garden, you probably planted your Irish potatoes by hand in freshly plowed soil. Oh how good that fresh dirt felt...


Jack of All Trades

Posted on Feb 6 by

Being raised on a farm I picked up several different types of occupational skills. A farmer usually can’t afford to pay someone else to do all the jobs around the farm that need...


Old Mose

Posted on Jan 23 by

As more settlers came into the Pee Dee River valleys it became necessary to divide what was then Anson County into smaller counties. In 1779, Richmond and Montgomery counties...


Pee Dee River Warlock

Posted on Jan 9 by

In the years before the white settlers moved into the new county of Anson, the red-man ruled. A tribe named the Siouan ran out the Muskogian tribe who had settled along the Pee...