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Was Confederate Gold Found in Windblow?

Posted on Oct 17 by

Some old records show that as the Civil War was winding down, a small shipment of gold was sent from Richmond, Virginia to Greensboro, North Carolina. The gold was placed in...


Confederate Gold in the Sandhills

Posted on Oct 10 by

Confederate gold refers to hidden caches of gold lost after the American Civil War. Supposedly, millions of dollars of gold were lost or unaccounted for after the war. Many a...


New Book Released!

Posted on Oct 10 by

“Just Passing Time Together” was recently released.  It is a grand collection of stories by husband & wife storytellers, J.A. & Azalea Bolton. J.A. &...


Storytelling Reading & Book Release

Posted on Oct 10 by

Media story from the Laurinburg Exchange: The storytelling husband and wife, J.A. and Azalea Bolton, of Rockingham will release a collection of short stories at a reading...


Moonshiners and Revenuers

Posted on Sep 20 by

ABC officers or old-time revenuers regard the secret making and selling of illegal whiskey not as a criminal offense, but as a tax violation. These men and occasional women, put...


Fast Cars and White Liquor

Posted on Sep 12 by

Last week we talked about the history of making moonshine and the first process of making the brew, which is fermentation in the mash barrel. As the fermentation is completed, a...