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Did the Devil visit Rockingham?

Posted on Feb 20 by

In the early years of the twentieth century, Rockingham was a city on the move. Coming out from under Reconstruction, the city wanted to be one of the first to move into the New...


Jack of All Trades

Posted on Feb 6 by

Being raised on a farm I picked up several different types of occupational skills. A farmer usually can’t afford to pay someone else to do all the jobs around the farm that need...


Old Mose

Posted on Jan 23 by

As more settlers came into the Pee Dee River valleys it became necessary to divide what was then Anson County into smaller counties. In 1779, Richmond and Montgomery counties...


Pee Dee River Warlock

Posted on Jan 9 by

In the years before the white settlers moved into the new county of Anson, the red-man ruled. A tribe named the Siouan ran out the Muskogian tribe who had settled along the Pee...


Early Life along the Pee Dee

Posted on Jan 2 by

This story began in the late sixteen hundreds and continues through the next century. It takes place in the rolling hills and valleys along the Pee Dee River. In 1750, this area...


Sweet Tater Pie (A Christmas Story)

Posted on Dec 19 by

December of 1944 had many mixed blessing for Mrs. Mary Ann Brown and her family. The year had brought despair and rejoicing to the Smith family. Mr. Brown had been able to land a...