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First Time Away From Home

Posted on Jul 9 by

How many of you can remember when you left home for the first time? Was it to go into the armed forces, go off to school, get married, or just to get out on your own? Right out...


Remembering Fourth of July Vacations

Posted on Jul 4 by

In the 50s and early 60s, a lot of folks had jobs at textile mills. Work at the mills was hard, but if you were willing to work you at least had a job. A lot of the mills closed...


Scottish Fairs in the Sandhills

Posted on Jun 25 by

Stories and history play a big part of who we are today. Both are intermingled to make up the very fabric of who we are in our own society. Some stories that are told are as true...


More Adventures of Aunt B

Posted on Jun 18 by

Last week I told you a little about one side of my family: How growing up in depression times were tough on just about every family, but most families endured and became closer....


My Aunt B

Posted on Jun 11 by

Aunt B was one of my mom’s older sisters. There were four girls in the family of twelve children. Each child had their own job to do on their 100-acre farm during the days of the...


The History of Logging Timber

Posted on Jun 4 by

In the last few weeks, I’ve been having my timber clear cut. It’s been about twenty years since it was cut. Up until then most of our farm was in cultivation. When you harvest...