header.jpgI was born in 1948, just west of Rockingham, NC, not too far from the Pee Dee River.  In the evenings and on Saturday, my Dad and I would ride over the river bridge where there were 2 old stores located – one on each side of the bridge.  There would be people sittin’ around seeing who could tell the biggest stories and boy, sometimes them tales would get pretty tall.  It wasn’t long before I was right in there with the best of ’em.  Why them fellars would buy me a drink and a candy bar to get me to tell them a story.

When I got a little older, my family moved onto 220 North of Rockingham next to my grandparents.  When I wasn’t in school, I helped around my grandparents’ farm.  A lot of things I learned on that farm wasn’t taught at no school, but was taught from hardworking people who earned their living from the sweat of their brow and God’s green earth.  It was hard work on the farm, but there was always time for storytelling and pulling jokes.

When I wasn’t working, my favorite pastime was huntin’, fishin’, and raisin’ huntin’ dogs.  I learned these hobbies from the best old men in the profession.  Some of these men knew the rivers and woods like the back of their hands.  What time these men weren’t huntin’ and fishin’, they were telling stories about the biggest fish or their favorite dogs.  These stories and ones of my own have given me a good story base to pull from.

Now that I have retired, I find enjoyment in telling stories to people.  It’s a good way to keep your mind sharp, relieve stress, and meet new friends along the way. J.A’s motto is Live, Love, Laugh.

So if you need a speaker or someone to tell humorous stories for any kind of occasion, send me an email with your phone number or email address and I’ll get back with you.